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Membership Database Pro  version 2.66.004



Membership Database Pro
is membership management software.

This software is suitable for almost any type of club or organization as it allows you to build the structure of your membership into the program.

First version sold in the year 2001 (version 2.55, the current is 2.66)
Since then it has proven to be a well liked and stable software product.
(The club that purchased the very first program in 2001 is still using this software).


Click here to Download the full program (3.9MB)
(This is the entire program with a trial licence - version 2.66.004)

- See our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page. view FAQ
- Very easy to install and if required, very easy to un-install.
- Supplied with a free trial licence and demonstration data.
– NO hidden costs or ongoing annual fees.
– Browse Members window. view screen shot
- We can convert your spreadsheet (ie. Excel) membership data (free quote).
- Fully maintained, updates and upgrades are available from time to time.
– Very easy to use and proven software at an affordable price.
– Reporting is a strong feature of the program. view screen shot
– System requirements: Windows /XP/Vista/7/8/10

 Version 2.66 has been updated to 2.66.004 click here to see what’s new.

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